Welcome to the official Truth-Seekers website, The True UFO Cover-Up.

After many years of investigating the true nature behind the sightings of UFOs and aliens (not to mention being constantly monitored by the U.S. government for what I have gathered), my brother Scott and I have finally decided to put together a website to educate the unknowing public on what their own government has hidden from them for decades. I have decided to publish some of my past journeys online as previously read in my best-selling books, "The UFO Cover-Up: True Stories" Volumes 1 - 8, as well as some of my latest journeys that will probably be published in my future books. I don't care about book sales. I just want to get the word out.

Begin Times Archive are the past journeys of the Truth-Seekers, at a time when we were still searching blindly for the alien truth...

Metagene Wars are the more recent journeys of the Truth-Seekers, after my supposed death and eventual discovery that Scott and I held a powerful gene that only select humans held, giving us supernatural powers and who knows what else...

Westmont High is a story series I write within my free time, which I have very little of, so don't expect more episodes for quite a while. Scott makes fun of me writing stuff like this but I just don't care. :p

Read on and prepare to be surprised what truth has been hidden from you...

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