The True UFO Cover-Up
Alright, this website isn't actually real. This site was made as a way to promote my Truth-Seekers series of stories (which I think doesn't even deserve this much promotion). I know, this idea isn't that original anymore after all the others out there before this one. Well, I don't care about that. I only wanted to try something different with one of my sites. Now, I begin blathering on about nothing for a while to make this paragraph seem larger for no real reason at all. Feel free to stop reading at any time. Like now. Or now. Or any time in the near future. Well hell, why not read all the way to the end. That will sure waste some time. But don't you need to do something? Like feed your pet or clean your room? No? I think you're lieing. You only want to continue reading this so don't have to do those things. Go. Do them. Now. I said now! Fine. Keep reading. See if I care. Yup. Still reading. Reading is fundamental, you know. You learn all kinds of things by reading. Like earlier, when you found this site was a hoax. Remember that? That seems so long ago now. I think we are finally reaching the end of this paragraph. Here it comes. You've wasted five minutes reading useless words. Congratulations. Now run along. I really must be going too since the paragraph is over. I have many more important things to do.

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